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Taylor Broadband is available in many rural areas of Hawkes Bay and coverage is expanding.
If you live in a community that wants broadband, we can help.

We work with local IT providers to create solutions
Antenna Types
  Outside Hawkes Bay

We have a range of antennas that are used to provide service. It will depend upon your particular requirements as to which antenna we use. Our largest antenna is about the size of a sky television dish.
A typical rooftop installation costs $149 and a travel charge may apply in some areas.

If you don't have line of sight to one of our transmission sites, we can mount the antenna near your home along a fence line and run a cable back, or install it on a powered shed and run a small radio link back to your house. We are very diverse in how we can deliver service to you. For the extra labour and equipment required we may need to charge for a creative installation.

If you live in an area where a number of homes cannot get broadband, and there is enough demand from other neighbors, we may even be able to setup a relay transmitter on a nearby hill, that links to one of our existing transmission sites.

Above: Taylor Communications dish next to a sky television dish, within 4km of a transmission high-site.
Maraetotara, Hawkes Bay