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Taylor Broadband is available in many rural areas of Hawkes Bay and coverage is expanding.
If you live in a community that wants broadband, we can help.

We work with local IT providers to create solutions
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Community Help

If you live in a community that cannot get broadband and would like us to set up a transmitter, we are happy to help.

Members of the community can come up with a set proportion of the funding, and we will provide the rest.
We will also need:

  • A landowner with a hilltop or high-site who is willing to host the transmitter
  • 100% clear Line of sight from the high-site to each subscriber's home or to a powered site on their property (see knowledge base regarding creative installs)
  • 100% clear Line of sight from the high-site to another of our existing transmitters, so a backhaul link can be used to supply internet to the transmitter
  • Up to four households to contribute funding
  • A minimum of 6 households who wish to connect, up to four of whom may contribute funding.

Our transmitters are usually solar powered, and not very large, nor are they a visual eyesore. If any community members are concerned about a new tower on a nearby hilltop, we can direct you to dartmoor and you will be able to see an existing transmitter. It is no larger than a standard farm water tank in a paddock, with a height of 3.5 metres.

The amount of funding required will be quoted at a community meeting and depends upon our current expansion budget and what will be required to deliver service. If there is mains power with a standard wall socket already at the high site, or nearby, the cost is considerably less. Often this is not the case and we use solar for most sites.

In most areas, those that contribute funding get their contribution returned as an account credit - so they are just pre-paying for internet. The funding return depends upon the financial viability of the transmitter.

Taylor Communications has recently set up broadband service in these areas where we contributed to the funding of a transmitter, and the community also committed funding:

 - Sacred Hill Area March 2012
 - Dartmoor Valley October 2012
 - Omakere Area December 2012
 - Waipatiki July 2013 (2x transmitters)
 - Porangahau Area August 2013 (2x transmitters)
 - Raukawa October 2013