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 COVID-19 Information
If we visit your site for a fault or installation, the following precautions are in place:
● If anyone in your household shows cold or flu-like symptoms, you must let us know during your call to our helpdesk. ● You must clean the area which our staff are working with spray&wipe / disinfectant before we arrive.
● Our staff are instructed not not to touch your keyboard, television remotes, telephone handsets, laptops or tablets. We can instruct you when testing.   You must limit the time you spend in the same room as our staff.
● Children and other members of your household must stay in another room or outside the building during our visit. Hands are waved, not shaked.
● If anyone displays cold or flu-like symptoms, we will drop tools and immediately leave.

To continue providing a reliable service, we must stay healthy.
Our staff travel long distances across Hawkes Bay and we must reduce the risk of becoming carriers.

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RBI2 New or Upgraded Coverage Areas
We have over 50 transmitter sites throughout Greater Hawkes Bay from Tutira in the north, to Porangahau in the south.
The map below shows some of our coverage which we have recently added or upgraded as part of the government RBI2 broadband project. You can contact us to find out if you are in coverage by filling in the form above.

Note that trees and hills will affect your coverage and we make no guarantee to provide service until it is installed and tested by the installer.

Our Office: 13 Carlyle Street, Napier 
(New Zealand Technology Group building)
Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm

Taylor Broadband is a New Zealand Technology Group Services Ltd company dedicated to serving Hawkes Bay

Goods and Services are charged in NZ Dollars