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Taylor Broadband is available in many rural areas of Hawkes Bay and coverage is expanding.
If you live in a community that wants broadband, we can help.

We work with local IT providers to create solutions
Antenna Types
  Outside Hawkes Bay

If you are in our coverage area, and are stuck with dialup, satellite or cellular stick based broadband, you will find the Taylor Rural Network much faster and much more competitively priced.

Rather than using satellites or cellphone networks, we have our own high speed digital microwave radio network operating in Hawkes Bay providing coverage to hundreds of homes that cannot get broadband via ADSL or Fiber, and most likely never will. The radio network allows us to deliver high speed services, at a very low cost to our customers, compared to expensive solutions such as satellite or cellular networks.

We offer
- Broadband internet access
- Company / family email solutions and internet domains
- Digital telephone lines
- Offsite backup to our remote servers

Broadband only plans start at $49 / month, and broadband + voice line bundles start at $85 / month.

For more information, or to see if we have coverage in your area, call 929-9082 (napier)

Voice services are not available in all areas.